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Guidelines for Organisers
Please read this carefully before the discussion with your Zone Captain.

pdf version - link

Presentation powerpoints
Powerpoints contains slides organisers might find useful when briefing participants. It includes some background, guidelines for organisers and a briefing for participants.

ICCS Briefing powerpoint (August 2007; 10.3MB zipped file) - link - view on web
What typically happens on the cleanup day and how to prepare?

ICCS Briefing powerpoints for organisers, (ver 1.0, 2008) Click to download all

  1. Part I. The impact of marine debris
  2. Part II. Marine Life in Singapore
  3. Part III. Analysis & Relevance of ICC Data
  4. Part IV. What can we do
  5. Part V. How to organize a cleanup (for organiser to view in conjunction with reading the guidelines in order to prepare to deliver Part VI )
  6. Part VI. Conduct the ICCS briefing

Data Card and Submission Sheet

pdf of Data Card (updated for 2008) - link
Print one for each group of three volunteer participants

Data Submission Form (MS-Excel file) (updated for 2008)
For Organisers to key in collated data and submit to the Data Manager - link.


Other resources

For other resources such as posters, articles, audio, video and webpages, please see Articles and Links.