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2006 - 15th International Coastal Cleanup

Photos from 23rd Sep 2006

Sungei Ubin, Pulau Ubin (photos by AndyDinesh, RMBR)

Photos from 16th Sep 2006

Changi Beach Extension (photos by Ivan Khong and Khoo Ming Sheng, RMBR)
Marina East Beach (photos by Ng Kai Scene, RMBR)
Marina East Beach (photos by Wayne Burnett, German European School Singapore)
Punggol Beach (photos by Lim Chen Kee, RMBR)

Photos from 9th Sep 2006

Kranji Mangroves (photos by Steve Early, Singapore American School)
Kranji Mangroves (photos by Dewi and Bowen, National University of Singapore)
Kranji Mangroves (photos by Lim Chen Kee, Airani, Siva and Wong Yueat Tin, Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research)
Lim Chu Kang Mangroves (photos by Abigayle Ng and Jani Thuaibah, Blue Water Volunteers)
Chek Jawa Mangroves (photos by N. Dinesh, RMBR)
Chek Jawa Mangroves (photos by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA))

2005 - 14th International Coastal Cleanup

Photos from 17th Sep 2005

Changi and Changi Beach Extension (photos by Rashmi Tripathi and Ivan Khong)
East Coast Beach (photos by Hwang Wei Song)

Kallang River/Marina Basin (photos by Ng Kai Scene)
Punggol Beach
(photos by Cheong Wei Siong)
Pasir Ris, Sg Api-Api (photos by Angeline Tay)
Pasir Ris, Sg Api-Api (photos by Lim Chen Kee)
Sembawang Beach Album 1 - 2 (photos by NYP GeoCouncil)

Photos from 10th Sep 2005

Kranji/Buloh Mangroves photos by:
Singapore American School
(Steve Early & Priscilla Masagung)
Victoria Junior College (Alexis Pang)
National University of Singapore (Dewi & Zhihong)
RMBR & SBWR (Krish, Yueat Tin, Abigayle)
Wild Films (Ria Tan)

Lim Chu Kang photos by: Abigayle Ng, Jani Thuaibah, Angeline Tay

2005 - Year round cleanups

Kranji Mangroves - Earth Day Cleanup, 23 Apr 2005

2004 - Year round cleanups

Kranji Mangroves, 21 Nov 2004

2004 - 1 3th International Coastal Cleanup

Kranji Albums: 1 [ss] - 2 [ik] - 3 [sajc] - 4 [sas] - 5 [al] - 6 [vjc] - 7 (wet ops)

2003 - 12th International Coastal Cleanup

12 hours at Kranji
ICCS 2003 Kranji Mangroves
Potraits in the field
"Sweat Ops" at Kranji mangroves
SAS SAVE Club (High School) at Kranji
SAS Eco Club (Middle School) at Kranji
Victoria Junior College at Kranji
Christchurch Secondary Kranji
National University of Singapore at Kranji mangroves

NUS & NTU join forces at Changi Beach
Franciscans and Poi Chin scouts

2002 - 11th International Coastal Cleanup

2001 - 10th International Coastal Cleanup

Buloh-Kranji Mangroves cleanup Gallery 4 - photos by Steven Marshall
Buloh-Kranji Mangroves cleanup Gallery 3 - photos by Kelvin Lim
Buloh-Kranji Mangroves cleanup Gallery 2 - photos by John Larkin
Buloh-Kranji Mangroves cleanup Gallery 1 - photos by Sungei Buloh Nature Park

NYAAC at Pulau Ubin

Nanyang Polytechnic GeoCouncil & Canoe Club at Sembawang

2000 - 9th International Coastal Cleanup

Buloh Mangroves, Victoria Junior College

Buloh Mangroves, Singapore American School & St Andrews Junior College


1999 - 8th International Coastal Cleanup

Sungei Buloh Nature Park and its environs - photos slides by Sasi Nayar

1998 - 7th International Coastal Cleanup

Sungei Buloh East Mangroves - photos slides by N. Sivasothi


1997 - 6th International Coastal Cleanup

Sungei Mandai Kechil Mangroves - photos slides by N. Sivasothi


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