7th International Coastal Cleanup Singapore 1998
Sungei Buloh East mangroves

ICC-Singapore | Habitatnews | Nature Society (Singapore)
A nightjar watches quizzically
Mission: to let this mangrove breathe once again!
As it rained, it got darker and darker!
The area was divided into quadrats
Teams of 3-4 tackled a quadrat
The trash was part new part historical
Damsels amongst the Hisbiscus
The quadrats had different "loads".
Besides trash were rain, ants, and thorns
Working through thick vegetation
The strand line has the most trash
Red and white tape marked out the quadrats
What a clean site!
Loaders - strong guys who carried out the heaviest bags and truck tires!
It got really cold despite the hard work
Veteran coordinators work as hard as the rest!
Trash bags fashioned as raincoats!
Heavy gloves for the bits of metal and glass
Wet but not miserable
Trooping out eventually...
The tide had started coming in
And it got deeper...
Clutching precious bags of trash as they waded out
And odds and ens
Meandering through the Mud Lobster mounds
Bedraggled specimens by the end of the walk
Hauling the rubbish onto the broadwalk at Sungei Buloh Nature Park
Even abandoned drums were hauled out!
Quite a reach, and luckily there was a hefty man to help us
After the trash, now the colunteers get out onto relatively dry land!

The chain gang passed the trash bags out to wheelbarrows
Everyone's out and on their way back to a change of clothes
Guides and Park officers make a last check and contemplate the relieved mangroves