9th International Coastal Cleanup in Singapore mangroves, Saturday, 16th Sep 2000

Victoria Junior College cleans up
at Sungei Buloh mangroves

ICC-Singapore | Habitatnews | Nature Society (Singapore)
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Photos by Oon Hsiu Leng.

Fresh from an exam!
Into the forest we go!
See what I've got here!
Uh-oh! I'm stuck!
Everything is recorded...
Another plastic bag...
21 juice tubes, 13 strawss
4 ergrets, many sandpipers
Monitor lizard No 2
Not a single piece escapess!
What else is there...
Now to get the heavy bags out
An hour's worth
What a load of rubbish!
Itchy, itchy
This is the way you wash your s
Data entry started quickly...
Washing away the mud!
600 juice tubes and one car bum
My turn now...
Hungry, hungry
Time out at Sungei Buloh Besar
Relaxing with their guides
Beautiful kois
Feeling nice and clean!
Okay, daya entry completed!
Let's go back to VJC!

Tired from the day's work
Sleeping Beauty...good night!