International Coastal Cleanup

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Sample Programme

** Edit this programme to fit your needs **


Gather at school/gathering point (timing takes into account admin and travelling time)

8:00 am

Set Off

8:45 am

Arrive at the cleanup site Meeting Point.

  • Break into data collection teams.
  • Distribute gloves, trash bags and data cards.
  • Brief weighing teams about the Trash Collection Point and the Trash Disposal Point.

9:00 am

Briefing – Data Collection and Safety.

9:45 am

Mid-cleanup break, help weighing and trash collection teams complete task if there is too much for them.

10:15 am

Continue with second half of the cleanup.

11:00 am

All to report back to the Trash Collection Point.

11:05 am

Data I/Cs of teams to total up data cards in threes, progressively working towards a total for the entire site. Weighing Teams complete the weighing of the total amount of trash with additional help.

11:30 am

Debreif session with "what the data tells us". Activities such as Team Presentations can discuss the most common trash item, origins of the problem, weirdest item Found, animals found/rescued

11:55 am

Submit data to the ICCS Data Captain via the Excel Form.

12:00 noon

All accounted for? End of exercise.




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