International Coastal Cleanup, Singapore
2014 Data
Zone Results
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Zone Location   Northwest  
Date of Cleanup   13 & 27 Sep 2014  
Sites   Lim Chu Kang Beach, Lim Chu Kang East Mangrove, Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve West, Kranji East Mangrove, Kranji Bund Mangrove
Organizations   Republic Polytechnic, Jurong Spring CC Youth Executive Committee RGB Life!, National University of Singapore BES ENV2101 class, Singapore American School (Middle School + High School), NUS High School of Math and Science, Ministry of Manpower, Beatty Beaver Scout Troop and Bishan Park Lightning Scout Troop, Earthlink NTU, NUS Environmental Science and Engineering Students Club (NUS ESESC), Nature Society (Singapore)
Total number of participants   376  
Total number of trash bags filled   304  
Weight of trash bags collected (kg)   2,605  
Total Distance (metres)   1,515  
  Most Likely to Find Items   8,176  
  Fishing Gear   307  
  Packaging Materials   717  
  Other Trash   406  
  Personal Hygiene   25  
  Items of Local Concern   4,286  
  TOTAL ITEMS   13,917  
TOP 10 ITEMS at a Glance
Most Likely to Find Items
Cigarette Butts 13   Beverage Bottles (plastic) 756
Food Wrappers (candy, chips, etc) 1,156   Beverage Bottles (glass) 436
Take Out Containers (plastic) 304   Beverage Cans 218
Take Out Containers (foam) 173   Grocery Bags (plastic) 1,275
Bottle Caps (plastic) 172   Other Plastic Bags 2,144
Bottle Caps (metal) 63   Paper Bags 74
Lids (plastic) 68   Cups & Plates (paper) 36
Straws/Stirrers 642   Cups & Plates (plastic) 246
Forks, Knives, Spoons 184   Cups & Plates (foam) 216
Fishing Gear   Packaging Materials
Fishing Buoys 4   6-pack holders 4
Fishing Net & Pieces 105   Other Plastic / Foam Packaging 443
Rope (1 meter = 1 piece) 184   Other Plastic Bottles (oil, bleach, etc) 136
Fishing line ( 1 meter = 1 piece) 14   Strapping bands 66
      Tobacco Packaging / Wrappers 68
Other Trash   Personal Hygiene
Appliances (fridges, washers, etc) 50   Condoms 9
Balloons 1   Diapers 6
Cigar Tips 6   Syringes 4
Cigarette Lighters 76   Tampons / Tampon Applicators 6
Construction Materials 230      
Fireworks 8      
Tyres 35      
Items of Local Concern      
Foam Pieces 1,781      
Glass Pieces 544      
Plastic Pieces 1,803      
Rubber Bands 158      
Dead / Injured Animals
What Animal? Dead or Injured?   Is the animal entangled? Entangled by what?
horseshoe crabs, shrimp/prawns, mud crabs, flower crabs, snake (small, could be paradise tree snake), fish some dead, some alive; some mud crabs are injured with missing limbs, snake was dead, decomposing and half-buried in sand   some horsehoe crabs and mud crabs found entangled by fishing nets
Most Unusual Items (Highlights)
phone charger, paper hell notes, 1 live round, 1 bullet casing, 1 telephone, 1 tyre with rim, TV, canister (1), gunney sacks, binoculars, metal blocks (4), back panel of old CRT TV (1), cassette tapes, sofa, mattress, pillows, rainboots, carpets, PVC bag, fax machine, helmet, diskettes, shavers, leather belts and TV set, dildo, car parts, bus bell bar, mini fridge cover, briefcase, motor parts, paintbrush, goggles, PVC pipes, chair bottom, carpet, screws, license plate, circuit board, car mat, bed frame