International Coastal Cleanup, Singapore
2014 Data
Zone Results
Zones   Northwest, Northeast, Pulau Ubin East, Pulau Ubin West, South, Changi, East Coast Park, Tanah Merah
Date of Cleanup   August - October 2014  
Total number of participants   3,501  
  Total number of organisations   76 (list of participating organisations)  
Total number of trash bags filled   2,122  
Weight of trash bags collected (kg)   14,580  
Total Distance (metres)   18,570  
  Most Likely to Find Items   103,181  
  Fishing Gear   3,380  
  Packaging Materials   8,937  
  Other Trash   3,258  
  Personal Hygiene   188  
  Items of Local Concern   55,770  
  Total Number of Items   174,714  
TOP 10 ITEMS at a Glance
Most Likely to Find Items
Cigarette Butts 13,968   Beverage Bottles (plastic) 19,034
Food Wrappers (candy, chips, etc) 12,097   Beverage Bottles (glass) 1,843
Take Out Containers (plastic) 3,654   Beverage Cans 1,973
Take Out Containers (foam) 3,475   Grocery Bags (plastic) 4,677
Bottle Caps (plastic) 7,034   Other Plastic Bags 10,618
Bottle Caps (metal) 890   Paper Bags 1,004
Lids (plastic) 1,923   Cups & Plates (paper) 1,089
Straws/Stirrers 8,922   Cups & Plates (plastic) 5,909
Forks, Knives, Spoons 2,118   Cups & Plates (foam) 2,953
Fishing Gear   Packaging Materials
Fishing Buoys 162   6-pack holders 37
Fishing Net & Pieces 690   Other Plastic / Foam Packaging 5,792
Rope (1 meter = 1 piece) 1,621   Other Plastic Bottles (oil, bleach, etc) 1,452
Fishing line ( 1 meter = 1 piece) 907   Strapping bands 838
      Tobacco Packaging / Wrappers 818
Other Trash   Personal Hygiene
Appliances (fridges, washers, etc) 157   Condoms 47
Balloons 247   Diapers 55
Cigar Tips 385   Syringes 51
Cigarette Lighters 1,063   Tampons / Tampon Applicators 35
Construction Materials 1,038      
Fireworks 180      
Tyres 188      
Items of Local Concern      
Foam Pieces 36,935      
Glass Pieces 3,351      
Plastic Pieces 14,304      
Rubber Bands 1,180      
Dead / Injured Animals
What Animal? Dead or Injured?   Is the animal entangled? Entangled by what?
horseshoe crabs, shrimp/prawns, mud crabs, flower crabs, crabs (not-identified), snake (small, could be paradise tree snake), fish, jellyfish, cat, ants, worm, stingray, sea star, sea cucumber, squid, birds, frogs, birds some dead, some alive; some mud crabs are injured with missing limbs, birds found injured   some horsehoe crabs and mud crabs and prawns found entangled by fishing nets; some fish were entangled by hooks; one crab entagled in plastic wrapper
Most Unusual Items
phone charger, paper hell notes, one bullet casing, telephone, tyre with rim, TV, binoculars, cassette tapes, sofa, mattress, pillows, carpets, PVC bag, fax machine, helmet, diskettes, shavers, leather belts and TV set, dildo, car parts, mini fridge cover, briefcase, motor parts, paintbrush, goggles, PVC pipes, chair bottom, carpet, screws, license plate, circuit board, car mat, bed frame, fluorescent tube, a lot of items of clothing including jeans, woolen gloves, shoes, car battery, petrol container, office rolling chair leg, spark plug, Johor flag, 20kg carpet, big 35 kg tyre, Ikea shopping trolley, rubber fender, batteries, metal wires, motorcycle helmet, army uniform, idol figurine, handbags / leather / pvc bags, lots of slippers, anchor; unknown plastic parts, Buddha statue, Malaysian flag, keyboard, part of a boats hull, life jacket, diving suit, 20 litres bottles, 200 litre barrels, diving fin, paint can, mattress, Singapore flag, golf balls, glow sticks, pole from boat, smoke signal grenade, helmet, toilet flushing system, mosquito larvae, Chanel bag, alarm clock, glove, carpet, drain cover, fire extinguisher, ID card, too much trash!