International Coastal Cleanup, Singapore
2016 Data
Results (by Zone)
Zone Location   Changi Beach  
Date of Cleanup   Saturday, 17 September 2016  
Sites   Changi Beach Sites 2, 3, 4
Organizations   Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), Colugo Cubs & DCIS Cubs, Compassvale Secondary School, Corbion Purac Asia Pacific, Naval Base Secondary School, PacificLight Power Pte Ltd, Ricoh Singapore Pte Ltd, ST Dynamics Pte Ltd, Thomson Reuters
Total number of participants   418  
Total number of trash bags filled   117  
Weight of trash bags collected (kg)   477  
Total Distance (metres)   2,400  
  Most Likely to Find Items   8,366  
  Fishing Gear   385  
  Packaging Materials   1,036  
  Other Trash   456  
  Personal Hygiene   14  
  Items of Local Concern   5,258  
  TOTAL ITEMS   15,515  
TOP 10 ITEMS at a Glance
Most Likely to Find Items
Cigarette Butts 5,551   Beverage Bottles (plastic) 187
Food Wrappers (candy, chips, etc) 814   Beverage Bottles (glass) 30
Take Out Containers (plastic) 62   Beverage Cans 40
Take Out Containers (foam) 138   Grocery Bags (plastic) 100
Bottle Caps (plastic) 378   Other Plastic Bags 310
Bottle Caps (metal) 97   Paper Bags 107
Lids (plastic) 109   Cups & Plates (paper) 19
Straws/Stirrers 221   Cups & Plates (plastic) 46
Forks, Knives, Spoons 92   Cups & Plates (foam) 65
Fishing Gear   Packaging Materials
Fishing Buoys 11   6-pack holders 6
Fishing Net & Pieces 86   Other Plastic / Foam Packaging 852
Rope (1 meter = 1 piece) 77   Other Plastic Bottles (oil, bleach, etc) 13
Fishing line ( 1 meter = 1 piece) 211   Strapping bands 72
      Tobacco Packaging / Wrappers 93
Other Trash   Personal Hygiene
Appliances (fridges, washers, etc) 4   Condoms 7
Balloons 94   Diapers 2
Cigar Tips 105   Syringes 1
Cigarette Lighters 37   Tampons / Tampon Applicators 4
Construction Materials 166      
Fireworks 50      
Tyres 0      
Items of Local Concern      
Foam Pieces 3,197      
Glass Pieces 119      
Plastic Pieces 1,734      
Rubber Bands 208      
Dead / Injured Animals
What Animals? Dead or Injured?   Are the animals entangled? Entangled by what?
Cat Fish, Ball Sea Cucumber, Crabs, Prawns All dead, except the ball sea cucumber was alive (beached)   No
Most Unusual Items
Religious Idol statues x5. Religious saris (cloth) - lots. Tent pole. Bubble blower. Tent Peg. Batteries.  Clay bowl. BBQ skewer, Large Ceramic Log. Metallic bowl (large). Swimming top. Shirt, Light bulb; Candle stand; bed linen - 2 big pieces, oil filled plastics, food waste (sweet potato, bread, chicken bones), comb, cloth, LV shopping bag, slippers, cotton bud, cosmetic bottle, pen, broken pot piece, aluminium foil, gloves, battery, lego piece, plastic toy, decoration, plastic vial with orange liquid