International Coastal Cleanup, Singapore
Results (by Site)
Site Location   Pandan Mangroves (SP2)  
Date of Cleanup   Saturday, 3 September 2016  
Organizations   Crescent Girls' School, FMC Technologies Singapore, Bachelor of Environmental Studies, NUS, NUS High Otters (NUS High School of Mathematics and Science), Wildlife Reserves Singapore 
Total number of participants   107  
Total number of trash bags filled   73  
Weight of trash bags collected (kg)   367  
Total Distance (metres)   100  
  Most Likely to Find Items   4,178  
  Fishing Gear   52  
  Packaging Materials   687  
  Other Trash   122  
  Personal Hygiene   4  
  Items of Local Concern   2,361  
  TOTAL ITEMS   7,404  
TOP 10 ITEMS at a Glance
img width=953 height=437 src="so-sp2_files/so-sp2_31209_image004.png" v:shapes="Chart_x0020_2">
Most Likely to Find Items
Cigarette Butts 43   Beverage Bottles (plastic) 470
Food Wrappers (candy, chips, etc) 960   Beverage Bottles (glass) 24
Take Out Containers (plastic) 57   Beverage Cans 183
Take Out Containers (foam) 39   Grocery Bags (plastic) 414
Bottle Caps (plastic) 195   Other Plastic Bags 563
Bottle Caps (metal) 6   Paper Bags 117
Lids (plastic) 39   Cups & Plates (paper) 35
Straws/Stirrers 770   Cups & Plates (plastic) 79
Forks, Knives, Spoons 128   Cups & Plates (foam) 56
Fishing Gear   Packaging Materials
Fishing Buoys 0   6-pack holders 1
Fishing Net & Pieces 3   Other Plastic / Foam Packaging 409
Rope (1 meter = 1 piece) 48   Other Plastic Bottles (oil, bleach, etc) 20
Fishing line ( 1 meter = 1 piece) 1   Strapping bands 211
      Tobacco Packaging / Wrappers 46
Other Trash   Personal Hygiene
Appliances (fridges, washers, etc) 1   Condoms 1
Balloons 4   Diapers 0
Cigar Tips 6   Syringes 3
Cigarette Lighters 41   Tampons / Tampon Applicators 0
Construction Materials 65      
Fireworks 0      
Tyres 5      
Items of Local Concern      
Foam Pieces 758      
Glass Pieces 187      
Plastic Pieces 1,365      
Rubber Bands 51      
Dead / Injured Animals
What Animals? Dead or Injured?   Are the animals entangled? Entangled by what?
paradise tree snake, fish dead   no
Most Unusual Items
engine oil, scissor, asthma spray, glass tube, canvas bag, glove, paint roller, mask, window sill, hydraulic tank, leaf blower motor body(appliance), animal traps x3, tv control, industrial label (from oil drum?), disintergrating mattress, wooden plank, drink box, plastic toy, socks, handkerchief, razor balde, tennis ball