International Coastal Cleanup, Singapore
2016 Data
Results (by Zone)
Zone Location   South  
Date of Cleanup   Thursday, 1 September 2016  
Sites   Marina East Beach, Pandan Mangroves (SP2), Pulau Semakau, St John's Island, Tanjong Rimau, Sentosa, West Coast Park
Organizations   Bioprocessing Technology Institute, Crescent Girls' School, FMC Technologies Singapore, , HSBC, Bachelor of Environmental Studies, NUS, NUSHigh Otters (NUS High School of Mathematics and Science), Rinson & Friends, Sentosa Development Corporation, Waterways Watch Society, Wildlife Reserves Singapore
Total number of participants   314  
Total number of trash bags filled   414  
Weight of trash bags collected (kg)   2,808  
Total Distance (metres)   1,580  
  Most Likely to Find Items   17,857  
  Fishing Gear   170  
  Packaging Materials   2,576  
  Other Trash   485  
  Personal Hygiene   6  
  Items of Local Concern   4,080  
  TOTAL ITEMS   25,174  
TOP 10 ITEMS at a Glance
Most Likely to Find Items
Cigarette Butts 581   Beverage Bottles (plastic) 10,204
Food Wrappers (candy, chips, etc) 1,258   Beverage Bottles (glass) 98
Take Out Containers (plastic) 185   Beverage Cans 282
Take Out Containers (foam) 110   Grocery Bags (plastic) 636
Bottle Caps (plastic) 419   Other Plastic Bags 970
Bottle Caps (metal) 201   Paper Bags 382
Lids (plastic) 129   Cups & Plates (paper) 46
Straws/Stirrers 1,390   Cups & Plates (plastic) 439
Forks, Knives, Spoons 195   Cups & Plates (foam) 332
Fishing Gear   Packaging Materials
Fishing Buoys 14   6-pack holders 1
Fishing Net & Pieces 21   Other Plastic / Foam Packaging 694
Rope (1 meter = 1 piece) 127   Other Plastic Bottles (oil, bleach, etc) 1,347
Fishing line ( 1 meter = 1 piece) 8   Strapping bands 480
      Tobacco Packaging / Wrappers 54
Other Trash   Personal Hygiene
Appliances (fridges, washers, etc) 3   Condoms 1
Balloons 6   Diapers 1
Cigar Tips 6   Syringes 3
Cigarette Lighters 66   Tampons / Tampon Applicators 1
Construction Materials 395      
Fireworks 0      
Tyres 9      
Items of Local Concern      
Foam Pieces 1,599      
Glass Pieces 440      
Plastic Pieces 1,980      
Rubber Bands 61      
Dead / Injured Animals
What Animals? Dead or Injured?   Are the animals entangled? Entangled by what?
turtle shell, paradise tree snake, fish, crab All dead   None entangled
Most Unusual Items
 Gucci bag, bowling pin, dinosaur toy (50cm tall), toner cartridge, a half-filled 20-litre container of diesel, Broken ceramic toilet bowl, 8" rope, blue oil jerry can with tar oil leaking from it. Q-pole x2, metal trolley handle x1, buggy wheel x1, fire extinguisher, oil can, motor parts, gloves - 62,

Note: ~300 construction materials were found in St John's Island and looked like the old roof-tops tiles of the pavilions, which could have been conveniently discarded along the breakwaters.