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Welcome to the Organisers' Page

International Coastal Cleanup (ICCS) or Year-Round Coastal Cleanup (YRCC)?
The annual International Coastal Cleanup Singapore is conducted on third Saturday of September here and around the world. Organisers recruit volunteers who use the ICC Data Card to collect, categorise and dispose of marine trash. The rest of the year, Organisers are welcome to conduct Year-Round Coastal Cleanups (YRCC) which do not require the use of the ICCS Data Cards.

What it takes
To organise a cleanup efficiently, meaningfully and safely, you need to invest sufficent time to think, plan and implement your programme carefully.

The resources here will support your operational needs and help initiate an educational component. As the organiser of a group, you can get started by taking these steps:

  1. It is critical to first read the Organiser's Guidelines (pdf) for a grasp of the operational aspects.
  2. Register for a cleanup site for your organisation.
  3. Conduct a preliminary site recce - this is important even at familiar sites; you will be examining it with a different perspective! Review the steps on the event day on paper.
  4. Register to attend the annual Organiser's Workshop in July - this addresses operations, data and education.
  5. Arrange for a joint site recce with your Zone or Site Captain.
  6. You are ready for a clear, educational and motivational briefing and ready to manage your cleanup.
  7. Debrief your event to improve and upgrade a little each year. It gets easier!

Registration is only open in the second quarter of the year. As ICCS is a data snapshot around the 3rd Saturday of September, our small island actually has few sites! So we have a limited numer of sites and offer pre-registration to returning participants in recognition of the potential of long-term commitment.

Guidelines for Organisers
Please read this carefully before the discussion with your Zone Captain.

pdf version - link

Presentation powerpoints
Powerpoints contains slides organisers might find useful when briefing participants. It includes some background, guidelines for organisers and a briefing for participants.

The Guide for Organisers participating in the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore - ppts and pdfs, (ver. 2016) click to download the 90mb zip file here which contains:

  • I - How to organise a cleanup
    1. Registration
    2. Objectives
    3. How does an Organiser prepare?
    4. What happens on the day of the cleanup?
  • II - "Marine Life in Singapore and the Threat of Marine Trash"
    1. Does Singapore city have marine life?
    2. A threat to marine life looms on our shores
    3. About the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore
    4. How clean are our beaches? (What the data tells us)
    5. Solutions
Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (feel free to share, adapt for non-commercial use, but please attribute and share alike).

Data Card and Submission Sheet

Data Card (ver. 2017)
- 1 card/@3 volunteers

Data Submission Form (ver. 2014)
(MS-Excel) LINK
- For submission

A long-term commitment
ICCS Organisers should plan for a long-term commitment. After reflection each year and discussion with us, you can introduce gradual changes each year and build a programme with high operational efficiency with an adequate educational component. This also means your gloves will be well-used - they can last for years if kept well!

Develop an Education Programme
At its most basic excution, the ICC programme provides an experiential opportunity and a chance to think about our enviroment. However, a one-off cleanup is rarely sufficient to provide a comprehensive understanding of the issues nor lead to holistic action.

Since ICC actually links blue, green and brown issues, you can work towards a comprehensive programme with gradual steps each year. We provide a basic coverage in the organiser's briefing powerpoints on this page and there are more materials and links in the Resources page to support your efforts.

Year-round cleanups
Some cleanups are conducted at other periods of the year. This is welcome as many mangrove and some sandy shore areas require attention year-round as these are not cleaned daily like recreational beaches. However these neglected sites are significant to marine life and are used for educational purposes, so there is great satisfaction to tackling such sites. We ourselves conduct cleanups at Pandan and Lim Chu Kang mangroves.

Instead of the ICC Data Card, simply record the overall weight of trash collected and conservatively estimate the numbers of a few pre-determined common items you noted during the site recce. And add to the record any unexpected items you encountered too!

Write a short report (with pictures) based on this and we will publish it on the News from the ICCS blog. Thus your group's effort is made known to the community, you will reflect on your contribution and the post will help raise awareness about the site.

For further information, see "Suggestions for Year Round Coastal Cleanups"